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Add SurefireProvider for JUnit 5



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      As you probably know, the JUnit team is currently working on a new major version, codenamed JUnit Lambda. We are still in a very early prototype/alpha phase but nevertheless wanted to reach out to you regarding future support for JUnit 5 in Maven Surefire.

      The prototype

      We have even gone so far as to create our own SurefireProvider for the prototype we've release a couple of weeks ago: https://github.com/junit-team/junit-lambda/tree/prototype-1/surefire-junit5. It's obviously very basic and only supports the most common use case of running all test classes in a module. This was merely meant as a proof of concept. Moreover, we do not plan to release and maintain our own SurefireProvider in the long run. That's why I'm opening this issue so we start to talk about it and then, hopefully, start collaborating on it.

      Things the JUnit team has decided

      • JUnit 5 will require a JDK 8 runtime
      • JUnit 5 will be able to run JUnit 4 and JUnit 3 tests if the right JARs happen to be on the classpath.

      Possible next steps

      We would love if you could take a look at our current build tool/IDE facing API if you have the time. Please feel free to ask any question that might come up.

      We are currently working on the first alpha. Our goal is to have a stable build tool/IDE facing API by then but as sooner as you provide feedback the better.


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