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[HP aCC 6.15] lots of noise due to compiler remarks

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    • 4.2.0
    • 4.2.2
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    • HP aCC 6.15

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      The latest HP compiler on IPF issues lots of remarks, making our builds exceedingly noisy.

      Here's a breakdown of all the remarks we get in a recent 12S build along with the number of each:

      F=hpux-11.31-ia64-acc-6.15-12S-610576-log; \
      R=`sed -n "s/.*: remark \(#[1-9][0-9]*-.\): .*/\1/p" $F | sort | uniq`; \
      for r in $R; do \
          n=`grep ": remark $r: " $F | wc -l`; echo $r: $n; \
      #2177-D: 8   variable was declared but never referenced
      #2181-D: 9   argument is incompatible with corresponding format string conversion
      #2550-D: 28   variable was set but never used
      #2826-D: 44   parameter was never referenced
      #2961-D: 1   use of a type with no linkage to declare a variable with linkage
      #3235-D: 1   nonstandard conversion between pointer to function and pointer to data
      #3348-D: 799   declaration hides constant or variable
      #4217-D: 3   comparison of enum (represented as an unsigned integer) with zero
      #4219-D: 250   64 bit migration: type conversion may truncate value
      #4234-D: 28   type conversion may lose significant bits
      #4239-D: 2   case type mismatch with switch expression type
      #4244-D: 4   extern storage class used with a function definition
      #4248-D: 4   comparison of unsigned integer with a signed integer
      #4271-D: 780   type conversion may lose sign
      #4273-D: 18   floating-point equality and inequality comparisons may be inappropriate due to roundoff common in floating-point computation
      #4278-D: 3   the subexpression in logical expression is a constant
      #4282-D: 34   virtual function is called from constructor/destructor
      #4283-D: 3   access global variable in constructor
      #4296-D: 695   arithmetic operation on boolean type
      #4297-D: 1220   boolean value is used as array index
      #4298-D: 124   64 bit migration: addition result could be truncated before cast to bigger sized type
      #4299-D: 20   64 bit migration: multiply result could be truncated before cast to bigger sized type
      #4300-D: 60   Overflow while computing constant in left shift operation
      #4315-D: 60   while loop without body, did you insert an extra ';'?


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