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Stdcxx build process needs to be able to run configuration executable files created by the build system during configuration step on emulators in order to cross compile the library.



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      We are trying to cross compile stdcxx library. The problem we are facing
      is that there is no way of telling stdcxx build system, that we don't
      want to run configuration files created by configuration step by build
      system directly on a host system (through a shell).

      For instance, this command (taken from log):


      invoked during configuration process runs natively the executable through
      a shell.

      However we want to be able to run it on a emulator like this:

      <path to our emulator> UNISTD_DECL

      This command will run the UNISTD_DECL through an emulator.

      The patch we are proposing, is to introduce a new Makefile variable, called
      EXEC_RUNNER, which allows us to do it.

      EXEC_RUNNER defaults to "/usr/bin/sh -c". so it does not interfere with
      the rest of build process (at least on Unix/MSys/Cygwin environment,
      pure Win32 platform has completely separate build system).

      Patch is against `trunk'.




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