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[Como como] identifier "_RWSTD_VA_LIST" is undefined when compiling src/assert.cpp


    • Type: Bug Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 4.2.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Configuration
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    • Environment:

      Linux Gentoo x86_64 with 32bit Como compiler (gcc -m32 C compiler).

    • Severity:
      Incorrect Behavior


      The library fails to compile with the error given below. This problem seems to be similar to STDCXX-822.

      como -c -I/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include/ansi -D_REENTRANT -I/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include -I/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/build/include -A -x --no_stdarg_builtin --template_directory=/lib -O --display_error_number --diag_suppress 11,450,518 /opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/src/assert.cpp
      Comeau C/C++ (May 7 2008 12:23:21) for LINUX_INTEL_ELF_Beta
      Copyright 1988-2008 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved.
      MODE:strict errors C++ noC++0x_extensions

      "/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include/ansi/_cstdio.h", line 117: warning #867-D:
      declaration of "size_t" does not match the expected type
      "unsigned int"
      typedef unsigned long size_t;

      "/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include/ansi/_cstdio.h", line 151: error #20:
      identifier "_RWSTD_VA_LIST" is undefined
      int vfprintf (FILE*, const char*, _RWSTD_VA_LIST);

      "/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include/ansi/_cstdio.h", line 152: error #20:
      identifier "_RWSTD_VA_LIST" is undefined
      int vprintf (const char*, _RWSTD_VA_LIST);

      "/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/include/ansi/_cstdio.h", line 153: error #20:
      identifier "_RWSTD_VA_LIST" is undefined
      int vsprintf (char*, const char*, _RWSTD_VA_LIST);

      3 errors detected in the compilation of "/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/src/assert.cpp".
      gmake[2]: *** [assert.o] Error 2
      gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/build/lib'
      gmake[1]: *** [lib] Error 2
      gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/src/stdcxx-4.2.1/build'
      gmake: *** [libstd] Error 2

      1. makefile.in
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        Jaroslaw Zola
      2. config.h
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      3. config.log
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      4. build.log
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      5. config.h
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      6. config.log
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        Jaroslaw Zola
      7. como.config
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      8. como.config
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