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Make the RESTful API internally Managed SolrCores available via the Stanbol http endpoint



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      Currently SolrCors managed by the org.apache.commons.solr module are only exposed as EmbeddedSolrServer. There is no possibility to access such SolrCores via the typical RESTful API.

      This will include two improvements:

      (1) provide a Default JAX-RS resource that publishes all internally managed SolrCores at a specified Path.
      Also add a configuration that allows to enable/disable this feature.

      (2) provide a base implementation of a JAX-RS resource that allows to publish the RESTful API of a specific SolrCore.
      This is intended to be used by Modules that internally manage a SolrCore and want to have the RESTful API of the SolrServer to be available at a specific path or even to intercept calls (e.g. to do some preprocessing) before sending them to the SolrCore.

      For the implementation of this one needs something like org.apache.solr.servlet.SolrDispatchFilter but more flexible and configurable e.g.

      • allow only some core (e.g. cores that are configured to be published as RESTful service) - needed for (1)
      • allow initialization for a specific core - needed for (2)
      • allow to restrict the allowed RequestHandler (e.g. to disallow Admin Requests to prevent reconfiguration of the Solr via the RESTful API)

      In addition features already provided by JAX-RS should be also used by such an implementation.




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