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AddArtifacts should give proper error messages if it fails




      I've been trying to do some testing of udf's using code in other module, so that  AddArtifact is necessary.


      I got the following error:



      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-playground/udf2.py", line 5, in <module>
          spark.addArtifacts("udf2_support.py", pyfile=True)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pyspark/sql/connect/session.py", line 744, in addArtifacts
          self._client.add_artifacts(*path, pyfile=pyfile, archive=archive, file=file)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pyspark/sql/connect/client/core.py", line 1582, in add_artifacts
          self._artifact_manager.add_artifacts(*path, pyfile=pyfile, archive=archive, file=file)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pyspark/sql/connect/client/artifact.py", line 283, in add_artifacts
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pyspark/sql/connect/client/artifact.py", line 259, in _request_add_artifacts
          response: proto.AddArtifactsResponse = self._retrieve_responses(requests)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pyspark/sql/connect/client/artifact.py", line 256, in _retrieve_responses
          return self._stub.AddArtifacts(requests, metadata=self._metadata)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/grpc/_channel.py", line 1246, in __call__
          return _end_unary_response_blocking(state, call, False, None)
        File "/Users/alice.sayutina/db-connect-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/grpc/_channel.py", line 910, in _end_unary_response_blocking
          raise _InactiveRpcError(state)  # pytype: disable=not-instantiable
      grpc._channel._InactiveRpcError: <_InactiveRpcError of RPC that terminated with:
              status = StatusCode.UNKNOWN
              details = "Exception iterating requests!"
              debug_error_string = "None"


      Which doesn't give any clue about what happens.

      Only after noticeable investigation I found the problem: I'm specifying the wrong path and the artifact fails to upload. Specifically what happens is that ArtifactManager doesn't read the file immediately, but rather creates iterator object which will incrementally generate requests to send. This iterator is passed to grpc's stream_unary to consume and actually send, and while grpc catches the error (see above), it suppresses the underlying exception.

      I think we should improve pyspark user experience. One of the possible ways to fix this is to wrap ArtifactsManager._create_requests with an iterator wrapper which would log the throwable into spark connect logger so that user would see something like below at least when the debug mode is on.


      FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/alice.sayutina/udf2_support.py' 





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