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[SQL] Window operations with over Int.MaxValue + 1 rows can silently drop rows



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    • 3.0.2
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      I think this impacts a lot more versions of Spark, but I don't know for sure because it takes a long time to test. As a part of doing corner case validation testing for spark rapids I found that if a window function has more than Int.MaxValue + 1 rows the result is silently truncated to that many rows. I have only tested this on 3.0.2 with row_number, but I suspect it will impact others as well. This is a really rare corner case, but because it is silent data corruption I personally think it is quite serious.

      import org.apache.spark.sql.expressions.Window
      val windowSpec = Window.partitionBy("a").orderBy("b")
      val df = spark.range(Int.MaxValue.toLong + 100).selectExpr(s"1 as a", "id as b")
      spark.time(df.select(col("a"), col("b"), row_number().over(windowSpec).alias("rn")).orderBy(desc("a"), desc("b")).select((col("rn") < 0).alias("dir")).groupBy("dir").count.show(20))
      |  dir|     count|
      | true|         1|
      Time taken: 1139089 ms
      Int.MaxValue.toLong + 100
      res15: Long = 2147483747
      2147483647L + 1
      res16: Long = 2147483648

      I had to make sure that I ran the above with at least 64GiB of heap for the executor (I did it in local mode and it worked, but took forever to run)




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