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Spark 2.1.0 breaks some Hive tables backed by case-sensitive data files



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    • 2.1.0
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      This issue replaces SPARK-19455 and PR #16797

      SPARK-16980 removed the schema inferrence from the HiveMetastoreCatalog class when converting a MetastoreRelation to a LoigcalRelation (HadoopFsRelation, in this case) in favor of simply using the schema returend by the metastore. This results in an optimization as the underlying file status no longer need to be resolved until after the partition pruning step, reducing the number of files to be touched significantly in some cases. The downside is that the data schema used may no longer match the underlying file schema for case-sensitive formats such as Parquet.

      SPARK-17183 added support for saving a case-sensitive copy of the schema in the metastore table properties, which HiveExternalCatalog will read in as the table's schema if it is present. If it is not present, it will fall back to the case-insensitive metastore schema.

      Unfortunately, this silently breaks queries over tables where the underlying data fields are case-sensitive but a case-sensitive schema wasn't written to the table properties by Spark. This situation will occur for any Hive table that wasn't created by Spark or that was created prior to Spark 2.1.0. If a user attempts to run a query over such a table containing a case-sensitive field name in the query projection or in the query filter, the query will return 0 results in every case.

      The change we are proposing is to bring back the schema inference that was used prior to Spark 2.1.0 if a case-sensitive schema can't be read from the table properties.

      • INFER_AND_SAVE: Infer a schema from the data files if no case-sensitive schema can be read from the table properties. Attempt to save the inferred schema in the table properties to avoid future inference.
      • INFER_ONLY: Infer the schema if no case-sensitive schema can be read but don't attempt to save it.
      • NEVER_INFER: Fall back to using the case-insensitive schema returned by the Hive Metatore. Useful if the user knows that none of the underlying data is case-sensitive.

      See the discussion on PR #16797 for more discussion around this issue and the proposed solution.


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