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QueueInputDStream Should Allow Checkpointing



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      I would like for https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-8630 to be reverted and that issue resolved as won’t fix, and for QueueInputDStream to revert to its old behavior of not throwing an exception if checkpointing is

      Why? The reason is that this fix which throws an exception if the DStream is being checkpointed breaks the primary use case for QueueInputDStream, which is testing. For example, the Spark Streaming documentation recommends using QueueInputDStream for testing.

      Why does throwing an exception if checkpointing is used break this class? The reason is that if I use windowing operations or updateStateByKey then the StreamingContext requires that I enable checkpointing. It throws an exception if I don’t enable checkpointing. But then if I enable checkpointing this class throws an exception saying that I cannot use checkpointing with the queue stream. The end result of this is that I cannot use QueueInputDStream to test windowing operations and updateStateByKey. It can only be used for trivial stateless DStreams.

      But would removing the exception-throwing logic make this code fragile? It should not. In the testing scenario the RDD that is passed into the QueueInputDStream is created through parallelize and it is checkpointable.

      But what about people who are using QueueInputDStream in non-testing scenarios with non-recoverable RDDs? Perhaps a warning suffices here that checkpointing will not be able to recover state if their RDDs are non-recoverable. Then it is up to them how they resolve this situation.

      Since right now we have no good way of determining if a QueueInputDStream contains RDDs that are recoverable or not, why not err on the side of leaving it to the user of the class to not expect recoverability, rather than forcing checkpointing.

      In conclusion: my recommendation would be to revert to the old behavior and to resolve this bug as won’t fix.


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