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The Solr examples can not always be started after being stopped due to race with loading core.


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      I'm having trouble when I start up the schemaless example after shutting down.

      I first tracked this down to the fact that the run example tool is getting an error when it tries to create the SolrCore (again, it already exists) and so it deletes the cores instance dir which leads to tlog and index lock errors in Solr.

      The reason it seems to be trying to create the core when it already exists is that the run example tool uses a core status call to check existence and because the core is loading, we don't consider it as existing. I added a check to look for core.properties.

      That seemed to let me start up, but my first requests failed because the core was still loading. It appears CoreContainer#getCore is supposed to be blocking so you don't have this problem, but there must be an issue, because it is not blocking.


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