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Confusing solrconfig.xml in the downloaded solr*.zip



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      Here are the solrconfig.xml when I download and unzip solr:

      find . -name solrconfig.xml

      Most likely, the ones I want to use are in server/solr/configsets, I assume.
      But then which ones among those three?
      Searching online does not provide much detailed information.
      And diff-ing among them yields even more confusing results.
      Example: When I diff basic_configs/conf/solrconfig.xml with data_driven_schema_configs/conf/solrconfig.xml, I am not sure why the latter has these extra constrcuts?

      1. solr.LimitTokenCountFilterFactory and all the comments around it.
      2. deletionPolicy class="solr.SolrDeletionPolicy"
      3. Commented out infoStream file="INFOSTREAM.txt"
      4. Extra comments for "Update Related Event Listeners"
      5. indexReaderFactory
      6. And so for lots of other constructs and comments.

      The point is that it is difficult to find out exactly what extra features in the latter are making it data-driven. Hence it is difficult to know what features I am losing by not taking the data-driven-schema.

      It would be good to sync the above 3 files together (each file should have same comments and differ only in the configuration which makes them different). Also, some good documentation should be put online about them otherwise it is very confusing for non-committers and vanilla-users.


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