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      It would be great to have RebalanceShards action in SolrCloud, such like described in this post by Suruchi Shah : ""

      By the way, in order to rebalance shards from a collection with replicationFactor > 1, one idea could be to split some shards using the rule-based replica placement.
      Since jira issue, splitShard is using rule-based replica placement (for the "replication" replicas).

      As part of a proof of concept, the attached patch introduce a new action to the collections API, named "REBALANCESHARDS", to rebalance some or all shards among solrCloud nodes using splitShard.
      After each splitShard, a deleteshard of the inactive parent shard is done.
      One mandatory parameter:

      • collection: the name of the collection
        Two parameters:
      • deltaMaxFromAverage (default: 20): use to select n shards (<= half of all shards) to be split, whose number of docs are greater than deltaMaxFromAverage percent of the average number of docs per shard
      • force (default: false): if true, in case of none shards selected with the deltaMaxFromAverage given, all shards of the collection will be selected to be split

      Use example:
      curl 'http://ip:port/solr/admin/collections?action=REBALANCESHARDS&collection=collection1&async=2&deltaMaxFromAverage=30'

      Drawbacks: replicationFactor must be more than one, select shards based on the average number of docs per shard is not suitable for all cases


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