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Modernize and standardize Solr APIs



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      Solr APIs have organically evolved and they are sometimes inconsistent with each other or not in sync with the widely followed conventions of HTTP protocol. Trying to make incremental changes to make them modern is like applying band-aid. So, we have done a complete rethink of what the APIs should be. The most notable aspects of the API are as follows:
      The new set of APIs will be placed under a new path /solr2. The legacy APIs will continue to work under the /solr path as they used to and they will be eventually deprecated.
      There are 4 types of requests in the new API

      • /v2/<collection-name>/* : Hit a collection directly or manage collections/shards/replicas
      • /v2/<core>/* : Hit a core directly or manage cores
      • /v2/cluster/* : Operations on cluster not pertaining to any collection or core. e.g: security, overseer ops etc

      This will be released as part of a major release. Check the link given below for the full specification. Your comments are welcome
      Solr API version 2 Specification


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