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Add a QueryAutofilteringComponent for query introspection using indexed metadata

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      The Query Autofiltering Component provides a method of inferring user intent by matching noun phrases that are typically used for faceted-navigation into Solr filter or boost queries (depending on configuration settings) so that more precise user queries can be met with more precise results.

      The algorithm uses a "longest contiguous phrase match" strategy which allows it to disambiguate queries where single terms are ambiguous but phrases are not. It will work when there is structured information in the form of String fields that are normally used for faceted navigation. It works across fields by building a map of search term to index field using the Lucene FieldCache (UninvertingReader). This enables users to create free text, multi-term queries that combine attributes across facet fields - as if they had searched and then navigated through several facet layers. To address the problem of exact-match only semantics of String fields, support for synonyms (including multi-term synonyms) and stemming was added.


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