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      he goal here is basically flip the notion of "stats.facet" on it's head, so that instead of asking the stats component to also do some faceting (something that's never worked well with the variety of field types and has never worked in distributed mode) we instead ask the PivotFacet code to compute some stats X for each leaf in a pivot. We'll do this with the existing stats.field params, but we'll leverage the tag local param of the stats.field instances to be able to associate which stats we want hanging off of which facet.pivot


      stats.field={!key=avg_price tag=s1 mean=true}price
      stats.field={!tag=s1 min=true max=true}user_rating

      ...with the request above, in addition to computing the min/max user_rating and mean price (labeled "avg_price") over the entire result set, the PivotFacet component will also include those stats for every node of the tree it builds up when generating a pivot of the fields "category,manufacturer"


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          Chris M. Hostetter
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          Vitaliy Zhovtyuk
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          Chris M. Hostetter
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          Chris M. Hostetter
        11. SOLR-6351.patch
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          Chris M. Hostetter
        12. SOLR-6351.patch
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          Vitaliy Zhovtyuk
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          Vitaliy Zhovtyuk
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          Vitaliy Zhovtyuk
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        19. SOLR-6351.patch
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          Vitaliy Zhovtyuk

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