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Fuzzy search with eDisMax request handler

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      The DisMax search handler doesn't support fuzzy queries which would be quite useful for our usage of Solr and from what I've seen on the list, it's something several people would like to have.

      Following this discussion http://markmail.org/message/tx6kqr7ga6ponefa#query:solr%20dismax%20fuzzy+page:1+mid:c4pciq6rlr4dwtgm+state:results , I added the ability to add fuzzy query field in the qf parameter. I kept the patch as conservative as possible.

      The syntax supported is: fieldOne^2.3 fieldTwo~0.3 fieldThree~0.2^-0.4 fieldFour as discussed in the above thread.

      The recursive query aliasing should work even with fuzzy query fields using a very simple rule: the aliased fields inherit the minSimilarity of their parent, combined with their own one if they have one.

      Only the qf parameter support this syntax atm. I suppose we should make it usable in pf too. Any opinion?

      Comments are very welcome, I'll spend the time needed to put this patch in good shape.



        1. dismax_fuzzy_query_field.v0.1.diff
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          Guillaume Smet
        2. dismax_fuzzy_query_field.v0.1.diff
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          Guillaume Smet
        3. SOLR-629.patch
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          Fumiaki Yamaoka
        4. SOLR-629.patch
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          Fumiaki Yamaoka

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