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Umbrella JIRA for Admin UI and SolrCloud.

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    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 4.9, 6.0
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    • Component/s: Admin UI
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      It would be very helpful if the admin UI were more "cloud friendly". This is an umbrella JIRA so we can collect sub-tasks as necessary. I think there might be scattered JIRAs about this, let's link them in as we find them.

      Stefan Matheis - I've taken the liberty of assigning it to you since you expressed some interest. Feel free to assign it back if you want...

      Let's imagine that a user has a cluster with no collections assigned and start from there.

      Here's a simple way to set this up. Basically you follow the reference guide tutorial but don't define a collection.
      1> completely delete the "collection1" directory from example
      2> cp -r example example2
      3> in example, execute "java -DzkRun -jar start.jar"
      4> in example2, execute "java -Djetty.port=7574 -DzkHost=localhost:9983 -jar start.jar"

      Now the "cloud link" appears. If you expand the tree view, you see the two live nodes. But, there's nothing in the graph view, no cores are selectable, etc.

      First problem (need to solve before any sub-jiras, so including it here): You have to push a configuration directory to ZK.

      [~thetapi] The last time Stefan and I started allowing files to be written to Solr from the UI it was...unfortunate. I'm assuming that there's something similar here. That is, we shouldn't allow pushing the Solr config to ZooKeeper through the Admin UI, where they'd be distributed to all the solr nodes. Is that true? If this is a security issue, we can keep pushing the config dirs to ZK a manual step for now...

      Once we determine how to get configurations up, we can work on the various sub-jiras.


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