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solr.xml parsing of "str" vs "int" vs "bool" is brittle; fails silently; expects odd type for "shareSchema"



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      A comment in the ref guide got me looking at ConfigSolrXml.java and noticing that the parsing of solr.xml options here is very brittle and confusing. In particular:

      • if a boolean option "foo" is expected along the lines of <bool name="foo">true</bool> it will silently ignore <str name="foo">true</str>
      • likewise for an int option <int name="bar">32</int> vs <str name="bar">32</str>

      ... this is inconsistent with the way solrconfig.xml is parsed. In solrconfig.xml, the xml nodes are parsed into a NamedList, and the above options will work in either form, but an invalid value such as <bool name="foo">NOT A BOOLEAN</bool> will generate an error earlier (when parsing config) then <str name="foo">NOT A BOOLEAN</str> (attempt to parse the string as a bool the first time the config value is needed)

      In addition, i notice this really confusing line...

          propMap.put(CfgProp.SOLR_SHARESCHEMA, doSub("solr/str[@name='shareSchema']"));

      "shareSchema" is used internally as a boolean option, but as written the parsing code will ignore it unless the user explicitly configures it as a <str/>


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