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CloudSolrServer need not declare to throw MalformedURLException



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      Currently CloudSolrServer declares to throw MalformedURLException for some of its constructors. This does not seem necessary.

      Details based on looking through Solr 4.6 release code:

      CloudSolrServer has the following constructor that declares a checked exception MalformedURLException..

       public CloudSolrServer(String zkHost) throws MalformedURLException {
            this.zkHost = zkHost;
            this.myClient = HttpClientUtil.createClient(null);
            this.lbServer = new LBHttpSolrServer(myClient);
            this.lbServer.setRequestWriter(new BinaryRequestWriter());
            this.lbServer.setParser(new BinaryResponseParser());
            this.updatesToLeaders = true;
            shutdownLBHttpSolrServer = true;

      The only thing that seemed capable of throwing MalformedURLException seems to be LBHttpSolrServer’s constructor:

        public LBHttpSolrServer(HttpClient httpClient, String... solrServerUrl)
                throws MalformedURLException {
          this(httpClient, new BinaryResponseParser(), solrServerUrl);

      which calls ..

        public LBHttpSolrServer(HttpClient httpClient, ResponseParser parser, String... solrServerUrl)
                throws MalformedURLException {
          clientIsInternal = (httpClient == null);
          this.parser = parser;
          if (httpClient == null) {
            ModifiableSolrParams params = new ModifiableSolrParams();
            params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_USE_RETRY, false);
            this.httpClient = HttpClientUtil.createClient(params);
          } else {
            this.httpClient = httpClient;
          for (String s : solrServerUrl) {
            ServerWrapper wrapper = new ServerWrapper(makeServer(s)); 
            aliveServers.put(wrapper.getKey(), wrapper);

      which calls ..

      protected HttpSolrServer makeServer(String server) throws MalformedURLException {
          HttpSolrServer s = new HttpSolrServer(server, httpClient, parser);
          if (requestWriter != null) {
          if (queryParams != null) {
          return s;

      Note that makeServer(String server) above does not need to throw MalformedURLException.. sine the only thing that seems capable of throwing MalformedURLException is HttpSolrServer’s constructor (which does not):

      public HttpSolrServer(String baseURL, HttpClient client, ResponseParser parser) {
          this.baseUrl = baseURL;
          if (baseUrl.endsWith("/")) {
            baseUrl = baseUrl.substring(0, baseUrl.length() - 1);
          if (baseUrl.indexOf('?') >= 0) {
            throw new RuntimeException(
                "Invalid base url for solrj.  The base URL must not contain parameters: "
                    + baseUrl);
          if (client != null) {
            httpClient = client;
            internalClient = false;
          } else {
            internalClient = true;
            ModifiableSolrParams params = new ModifiableSolrParams();
            params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_MAX_CONNECTIONS, 128);
            params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOST, 32);
            params.set(HttpClientUtil.PROP_FOLLOW_REDIRECTS, followRedirects);
            httpClient =  HttpClientUtil.createClient(params);
          this.parser = parser;

      I see nothing above that’d throw MalformedURLException. It is throwing a RuntimeException when the baseUrl does not match certain pattern, may be that was intended to be a MalformedURLException.

      It seems like an error or oversight that CloudSolrServer declares to throw MalformedURLException for some of its constructors.

      This could be fixed by making LBHttpSolrServer not declare the MalformedURLException, and thus other callers to it do not need to do so.


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