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      This ticket is to track a "replacement" for the StatsComponent. The AnalyticsComponent supports the following features:

      • All functionality of StatsComponent (SOLR-4499)
      • Field Faceting (SOLR-3435)
        • Support for limit
        • Sorting (bucket name or any stat in the bucket
        • Support for offset
      • Range Faceting
        • Supports all options of standard range faceting
      • Query Faceting (SOLR-2925)
      • Ability to use overall/field facet statistics as input to range/query faceting (ie calc min/max date and then facet over that range
      • Support for more complex aggregate/mapping operations (SOLR-1622)
        • Aggregations: min, max, sum, sum-of-square, count, missing, stddev, mean, median, percentiles
        • Operations: negation, abs, add, multiply, divide, power, log, date math, string reversal, string concat
        • Easily pluggable framework to add additional operations
      • New / cleaner output format

      Outstanding Issues:

      • Multi-value field support for stats (supported for faceting)
      • Multi-shard support (may not be possible for some operations, eg median)
      1. SOLR-5302_contrib.patch
        526 kB
        Yonik Seeley
      2. SOLR-5302.patch
        546 kB
        Erick Erickson
      3. SOLR-5302.patch
        529 kB
        Steven Bower
      4. SOLR-5302.patch
        523 kB
        Erick Erickson
      5. SOLR-5302.patch
        515 kB
        Steven Bower
      6. solr_analytics-2013.10.04-2.patch
        521 kB
        Steven Bower
      7. Statistical Expressions.pdf
        13 kB
        Steven Bower
      8. Search Analytics Component.pdf
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        Steven Bower

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