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Allow at least solrconfig.xml and schema.xml to be edited via the admin screen



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      A user asking a question on the Solr list got me to thinking about editing the main config files from the Solr admin screen. I chatted briefly with steffkes about the mechanics of this on the browser side, he doesn't see a problem on that end. His comment is there's no end point that'll write the file back.

      Am I missing something here or is this actually not a hard problem? I see a couple of issues off the bat, neither of which seem troublesome.

      1> file permissions. I'd imagine lots of installations will get file permission exceptions if Solr tries to write the file out. Well, do a chmod/chown.

      2> screwing up the system maliciously or not. I don't think this is an issue, this would be part of the admin handler after all.

      Does anyone have objections to the idea? And how does this fit into the work that sarowe@syr.edu has been doing?

      I can imagine this extending to SolrCloud with a "push this to ZK" option or something like that, perhaps not in V1 unless it's easy.....

      Of course any pointers gratefully received. Especially ones that start with "Don't waste your effort, it'll never work (or be accepted)"...

      Because what scares me is this seems like such an easy thing to do that would be a significant ease-of-use improvement, so there has to be something I'm missing.

      So if we go forward with this we'll make this the umbrella JIRA, the two immediate sub-JIRAs that spring to mind will be the UI work and the endpoints for the UI work to use.

      I think there are only two end-points here
      1> list all the files in the conf (or arbitrary from <solr_home>/collection) directory.
      2> write this text to this file

      Possibly later we could add "clone the configs from coreX to coreY".

      BTW, I've assigned this to myself so I don't lose it, but if anyone wants to take it over it won't hurt my feelings a bit....


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