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hostname lookup in SystemInfoHandler should be refactored so it's possible to not block core (re)load for long periouds on misconfigured systems



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      SystemInfoHandler currently lookups the hostname of the machine on it's init, and caches for it's lifecycle – there is a comment to the effect that the reason for this is because on some machines (notably ones with wacky DNS settings) looking up the hostname can take a long ass time in some JVMs...

        // on some platforms, resolving canonical hostname can cause the thread
        // to block for several seconds if nameservices aren't available
        // so resolve this once per handler instance 
        //(ie: not static, so core reload will refresh)

      But as we move forward with a lot more multi-core, solr-cloud, dynamically updated instances, even paying this cost per core-reload is expensive.

      we should refactoring this so that SystemInfoHandler instances init immediately, with some kind of lazy loading of the hostname info in a background thread, (especially since hte only real point of having that info here is for UI use so you cna keep track of what machine you are looking at)


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