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Data Import RequestHandler



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      We need a RequestHandler Which can import data from a DB or other dataSources into the Solr index .Think of it as an advanced form of SqlUpload Plugin (SOLR-103).

      The way it works is as follows.

      • Provide a configuration file (xml) to the Handler which takes in the necessary SQL queries and mappings to a solr schema
      • It also takes in a properties file for the data source configuraution
      • Given the configuration it can also generate the solr schema.xml
      • It is registered as a RequestHandler which can take two commands do-full-import, do-delta-import
      • do-full-import - dumps all the data from the Database into the index (based on the SQL query in configuration)
      • do-delta-import - dumps all the data that has changed since last import. (We assume a modified-timestamp column in tables)
      • It provides a admin page
      • where we can schedule it to be run automatically at regular intervals
      • It shows the status of the Handler (idle, full-import, delta-import)


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