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Move to non deprecated HttpClient impl classes to remove stale connection check on every request and move connection lifecycle management towards the client.



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      5 node SmartOS cluster (all nodes living in same global zone - i.e. same physical machine)


      By disabling the Apache HTTP Client stale check I've witnessed a 2-4x increase in throughput and reduction of over 100ms. This patch was made in the context of a project I'm leading, called Yokozuna, which relies on distributed search.

      Here's the patch on Yokozuna: https://github.com/rzezeski/yokozuna/pull/26

      Here's a write-up I did on my findings: http://www.zinascii.com/2013/solr-distributed-search-and-the-stale-check.html

      I'm happy to answer any questions or make changes to the patch to make it acceptable.

      ReviewBoard: https://reviews.apache.org/r/28393/


        1. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          240 kB
          Mark Miller
        2. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          249 kB
          Mark Miller
        3. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          242 kB
          Mark Miller
        4. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          212 kB
          Mark Miller
        5. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          157 kB
          Mark Miller
        6. 0001-SOLR-4509-Move-to-non-deprecated-HttpClient-impl-cla.patch
          114 kB
          Mark Miller
        7. baremetal-stale-nostale-med-latency.dat
          0.3 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        8. baremetal-stale-nostale-med-latency.svg
          11 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        9. baremetal-stale-nostale-throughput.dat
          0.3 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        10. baremetal-stale-nostale-throughput.svg
          10 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        11. IsStaleTime.java
          0.9 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        12. SOLR-4509.patch
          64 kB
          Mark Miller
        13. SOLR-4509.patch
          251 kB
          Mark Miller
        14. SOLR-4509.patch
          277 kB
          Mark Miller
        15. SOLR-4509.patch
          232 kB
          Mark Miller
        16. SOLR-4509.patch
          129 kB
          Mark Miller
        17. SOLR-4509.patch
          26 kB
          Mark Miller
        18. SOLR-4509.patch
          24 kB
          Mark Miller
        19. SOLR-4509.patch
          20 kB
          Mark Miller
        20. SOLR-4509.patch
          3 kB
          Ryan Zezeski
        21. SOLR-4509-4_4_0.patch
          4 kB
          Ryan Zezeski

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