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Basic Facet Count support



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      First pass at basic facet support. initial patch includes utilities for use in RequestHandlers, and usage in StandardRequestHandler (DisMax should use SolrParams before attempting to add this)

      Basic idea is that:

      • facet=true indicates facet counts are desired.
      • facetField=inStock indicates we want a count of the matching docs for each value in the field inStock
      • facetQuery=title:ipod indicates we want the count of matching docs also in the set of docs matching query title:ipod
      • if user wants to apply a facet constraint on subsequent queries, they can add an "fq" (filter query) param (support for this was added to StandardRequestHandler as well)

      Things marked TODO...

      • add support for per field facetLimit indicating that only the top N items in each facetField should be returned
      • add support for a per field facetZero boolean indicating that there is no reason to bother returning counts of 0 for facetFields (some clients may want to know the list, others don't care)
      • potential optimization when using faceLimit to cache the terms with the highest docFreq and see if they provide all the info we need without doing a full TermEnum

      I'd like to get some feedback on the overall appraoch and params before i proceed too much farther.


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