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Service Unavailable errors not being logged



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      Due to changes introduced in SOLR-2124, Service Unavailable (503) errors intentionally not logged. This was introduced to avoid the PingRequestHandler to generate exceptions in logs for requests that are not really exceptions for Solr, see http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/lucene/java-dev/171982 The problem with this now is that in some cases (like when using SolrCloud), 503 are critic problem and an exception should be logged.
      Per hoss comment:

      The crux of the problem historically, and how we got into the weird
      situation with the Ping handler is that we wnat to return to the client
      the 503, so we threw an exception that would propogate up and result in
      SolrDispatchFilter returning the 503 – but in the meantime we had to jump
      through a bunch of hoops to deal with the logging because for solr it's
      not really an error and we shouldn't freak out about logging. (ie: we want
      the client to know there is an 503 error, but on the server we don't
      relaly care.

      and the hoops we've jumped through for logging are now hurting us in a
      differnet situation where the 503 really is a serious problem.

      We have a similar situation in the ShowFileHandler where we want the
      client to ge a 404 error, so we throw a SolrException witha 404 error,
      but as a result Solr logs loud and ugly that a 404 error happened.

      I think the cleanest way to deal with this now, would be to change
      PingRequestHandler and ShowFileRequestHandler so that instead of
      throwing a SolrException, their handleRequest methods just construct a
      new SolrException with the appropraite status code, put that exception in
      the SolrQueryResponse, and then return. I think that would ypass
      the loud conspicous logging that currently happens when exceptions are
      thrown (and would let us remove the "ignore SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
      exceptions" kludge that is huring us in SolrCloud so those exceptions
      would be logged loud and conspicuously)

      This type of solution is something that we might have been able to do
      along time ago except that it would have been complicated because of the
      different code paths arround writting successful output using hte response
      writers vs delegating error responses to the servlet container – but now
      it doesn't matter, we use the response writters either way, so i think
      itwould be relatively striaght forward (although there may be some
      vestigal "oh no, we found an exception, we must log it" logic in the
      request dispatcher that might need to be tweaked to only do that if the
      exception is thrown and not just an object in the response)


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