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Admin UI: Various Dataimport Improvements



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      Started with Shawn's Request about a small refresh link, one change leads to the next, which is the reason why i changed this issue towards a more common one

      This Patch brings:

      • A "Refresh Status" Button
      • A "Abort Import" Button
      • Improved Status-Handling
        (was buggy if you have multiple Cores with Handlers for Dataimport defined and you switched the view while at least one was running)
      • Additional Stats on Rows/Documents
        (on-the-fly calculated "X Docs/second")
      • less buggy duration-to-readable-time conversion
        (until now resulted in NaN's showing up on your Screen)

      Original Description:

      The dataimport section under each core on the admin gui does not provide a way to get the current import status. I actually would like to see it automatically pull the status as soon as you click on "Dataimport" ... I have never seen an import status with a qtime above 1 millisecond. A refresh icon/link would be good to have as well.

      Additional note: the resulting URL in the address bar is a little odd:

      Although i gave a short explanation on the URL looking a bit odd:

      The first "dataimport" is required for the UI to detect which section you're browsing .. the second "/dataimport" (including the slash, yes) is coming from your solrconfig


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