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Consider adding start scripts.



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      I've always found that starting Solr with java -jar start.jar is a little odd if you are not a java guy, but I think there are bigger pros than looking less odd in shipping some start scripts.

      Not only do you get a cleaner start command:
      sh solr.sh or solr.bat or something
      But you also can do a couple other little nice things:

      • it becomes fairly obvious for a new casual user to see how to start the system without reading doc.
      • you can make the working dir the location of the script - this lets you call the start script from another dir and still have all the relative dir setup work.
      • have an out of the box place to save startup params like -Xmx.
      • we could have multiple start scripts - say solr-dev.sh that logged to the console and default to sys default for RAM - and also solr-prod which was fully configured for logging, pegged Xms and Xmx at some larger value (1GB?) etc.

      You would still of course be able to make the java cmd directly - and that is probably what you would do when it's time to run as a service - but these could be good starter scripts to get people on the right track and improve the initial user experience.


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