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Charset problem using HttpSolrServer instead of CommonsHttpSolrServer



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      I've written an application which sends PDF files to Solr for indexing, but I also need to index some meta-data which isn't contained inside the PDF.
      I recently upgraded to 3.6.0 and when recompiling my app, I got some deprecated messages which mainly was to switch from CommonsHttpSolrServer to HttpSolrServer.

      The problem I've noticed since doing this, is that all extra fields which I add is sent to the Solr server as ASCII only, i.e UTF-8/ISO-8859-1 doesn't matter, anything above char 127 is sent as '?'. This was not the behaviour of CommonsHttpSolrServer.

      I've tracked it down to a line (271 in 3.6.0) in HttpSolrServer.java which is:
      entity.addPart(name, new StringBody(value));

      The problem is that StringBody(String text) maps to
      StringBody(text, "text/plain", null);
      and in
      StringBody(String text, String mimeType, Charset charset)
      we have this piece of code:
      if (charset == null)

      { charset = Charset.forName("US-ASCII"); }

      this.content = text.getBytes(charset.name());
      this.charset = charset;
      So unless charset is set everything is converted to US-ASCII.

      On the other hand, in CommonsHttpSolrServer.java (line 310 in 3.6.0) there is this line
      parts.add(new StringPart(p, v, "UTF-8"));
      which adds everything as UTF-8.

      The simple solution would be to change the faulty line in HttpSolrServer.java to
      entity.addPart(name, new StringBody(value,Charset.forName("UTF-8")));

      However, this doesn't work either since my tests have shown that neither Jetty or Tomcat recognizes the strings as UTF-8 but interprets them as 8-bit (8859-1 I guess).

      So changing HttpSolrServer.java to
      entity.addPart(name, new StringBody(value,Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1")));
      actually gives me the same result as using CommonsHttpSolrServer.

      But my investigations have shown that there is a difference in how Commons-HttpClient and HttpClient-4.x works.
      Commons-HttpClient sends all parameters as regular POST parameters but URLEncoded (/update/extract?param1=value&param2=value2) while
      HttpClient-4.x sends them as multipart/form-data messages and I think that the problem is that each multipart-message should have its own charset parameter.

      I.e HttpClient-4.x sends
      Content-Disposition: form-data; name="literal.string_txt"


      But it should probably send something like this

      Content-Disposition: form-data; name="literal.string_txt"
      Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8



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