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src/test-files/** should be moved under src/test-files/<module-name>/** for all Solr modules except core

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      SOLR-2452 split the solrj & common tests and test-files out from under solr/src/test{,-files} and placed them under solr/solrj/.

      Because IntelliJ's dependency scheme can't directly support the dependencies among the core/, solrj/, and test-framework/ internal modules, IntelliJ runs core/ and solrj/ tests under the monolithic IntelliJ "solr" module,

      As a result, when IntelliJ copies core/src/test-files/** and solrj/src/test-files/** to solr/build/solr-idea/classes/test/ (the test output directory), only one file from each same-named file pair can reside in the target directory, e.g. solr/conf/schema.xml. When same-named files differ between the two test-files/ directories, tests will fail. E.g.: LUCENE-2048 introduced a nopositions fieldType and a nopositionstext field into core/src/test-files/solr/conf/schema.xml, but not into the same-named file under solrj/src/test-files/, so when IntelliJ chooses the solrj version when copying resources, the core test that depends on the nopositionstext field (TestOmitPositions) will fail.

      I propose adding an extra directory level under solrj/src/test-files/: solrj/src/test-files/solrj/. That way, files from core/src/test-files/ can have the same names, but still co-exist when copied to the test output directory by IntelliJ.

      To maintain consistency, as well as avoid future naming conflicts, all other solr modules except core should switch to the same layout: src/test-files/<module-name>/*. Currently all contribs' solr homes are named src/test-files/solr-<module-name>/ - these directories should be renamed to src/test-files/<module-name>/solr.


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