• Type: New Feature New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major Major
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 1.3
    • Fix Version/s: 3.3
    • Component/s: search
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      This patch include a new feature called "Field collapsing".

      "Used in order to collapse a group of results with similar value for a given field to a single entry in the result set. Site collapsing is a special case of this, where all results for a given web site is collapsed into one or two entries in the result set, typically with an associated "more documents from this site" link. See also Duplicate detection."

      The implementation add 3 new query parameters (SolrParams):
      "collapse.field" to choose the field used to group results
      "collapse.type" normal (default value) or adjacent
      "collapse.max" to select how many continuous results are allowed before collapsing

      TODO (in progress):

      • More documentation (on source code)
      • Test cases

      Two patches:

      • "field_collapsing.patch" for current development version
      • "field_collapsing_1.1.0.patch" for Solr-1.1.0

      P.S.: Feedback and misspelling correction are welcome

      1. field_collapsing_1.1.0.patch
        12 kB
        Emmanuel Keller
      2. SOLR-236-FieldCollapsing.patch
        16 kB
        Ryan McKinley
      3. SOLR-236-FieldCollapsing.patch
        18 kB
        Ryan McKinley
      4. SOLR-236-FieldCollapsing.patch
        18 kB
        Emmanuel Keller
      5. field_collapsing_1.3.patch
        14 kB
        Emmanuel Keller
      6. field-collapsing-extended-592129.patch
        31 kB
        Karsten Sperling
      7. field_collapsing_dsteigerwald.diff
        25 kB
        Doug Steigerwald
      8. field_collapsing_dsteigerwald.diff
        25 kB
        Charles Hornberger
      9. field_collapsing_dsteigerwald.diff
        25 kB
        Oleg Gnatovskiy
      10. solr-236.patch
        24 kB
        Bojan Smid
      11. collapsing-patch-to-1.3.0-ivan.patch
        24 kB
        Iván de Prado
      12. collapsing-patch-to-1.3.0-ivan_2.patch
        24 kB
        Iván de Prado
      13. collapsing-patch-to-1.3.0-ivan_3.patch
        24 kB
        Iván de Prado
      14. collapsing-patch-to-1.3.0-dieter.patch
        26 kB
        dieter grad
      15. SOLR-236_collapsing.patch
        26 kB
        Dmitry Lihachev
      16. SOLR-236_collapsing.patch
        25 kB
        Thomas Traeger
      17. field-collapse-solr-236.patch
        49 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      18. field-collapse-solr-236-2.patch
        52 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      19. field-collapse-3.patch
        52 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      20. field-collapse-4-with-solrj.patch
        66 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      21. field-collapse-5.patch
        122 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      22. field-collapse-5.patch
        133 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      23. field-collapse-5.patch
        134 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      24. field-collapse-5.patch
        134 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      25. field-collapse-5.patch
        136 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      26. field-collapse-5.patch
        146 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      27. field-collapse-5.patch
        144 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      28. field-collapse-5.patch
        216 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      29. field-collapse-5.patch
        218 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      30. quasidistributed.additional.patch
        1 kB
        Michael Gundlach
      31. field-collapse-5.patch
        218 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      32. field-collapse-5.patch
        239 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      33. field-collapse-5.patch
        244 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      34. field-collapse-5.patch
        251 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      35. field-collapse-5.patch
        253 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      36. field-collapse-5.patch
        254 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      37. SOLR-236.patch
        253 kB
        Shalin Shekhar Mangar
      38. SOLR-236.patch
        245 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      39. SOLR-236.patch
        257 kB
        Shalin Shekhar Mangar
      40. SOLR-236.patch
        251 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      41. SOLR-236.patch
        252 kB
        Shalin Shekhar Mangar
      42. SOLR-236.patch
        244 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      43. SOLR-236.patch
        245 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
        5 kB
        Peter Karich
        21 kB
        Peter Karich
        9 kB
        Peter Karich
      47. SOLR-236-trunk.patch
        236 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      48. SOLR-236-trunk.patch
        247 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      49. SOLR-236-trunk.patch
        250 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      50. SOLR-236-trunk.patch
        256 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      51. SOLR-236-trunk.patch
        259 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      52. SOLR-236-1_4_1.patch
        264 kB
        Martijn van Groningen
      53. SOLR-236.patch
        27 kB
        Yonik Seeley
      54. SOLR-236-1_4_1-paging-totals-working.patch
        264 kB
        Stephen Weiss
      55. SOLR-236-distinctFacet.patch
        2 kB
        Bill Bell
      56. SOLR-236-1_4_1-NPEfix.patch
        0.7 kB
      57. SOLR-236-branch_3x.patch
        258 kB
        Doug Steigerwald

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