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HTTP Authentication for sharded queries



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      This issue came out of a requirement to have HTTP authentication for queries. Currently, HTTP authentication works for querying single servers, but it's not possible for distributed searches across multiple shards to receive authenticated http requests.

      This patch adds the option for Solr clients to pass shard-specific http credentials to SearchHandler, which can then use these credentials when making http requests to shards.

      Here's how the patch works:

      A final constant String called shardcredentials acts as the name of the SolrParams parameter key name.
      The format for the value associated with this key is a comma-delimited list of colon-separated tokens:
      {{ shard0:port0:username0:password0,shard1:port1:username1:password1,shardN:portN:usernameN:passwordN }}
      A client adds these parameters to their sharded request.
      In the absence of shardcredentials and/or matching credentials, the patch reverts to the existing behaviour of using a default http client (i.e. no credentials). This ensures b/w compatibility.

      When SearchHandler receives the request, it passes the 'shardcredentials' parameter to the HttpCommComponent via the submit() method.
      The HttpCommComponent parses the parameter string, and when it finds matching credentials for a given shard, it creates an HttpClient object with those credentials, and then sends the request using this.
      Note: Because the match comparison is a string compare (a.o.t. dns compare), the host/ip names used in the shardcredentials parameters must match those used in the shards parameter.

      Impl Notes:
      This patch is used and tested on the 1.4 release codebase. There weren't any significant diffs between the 1.4 release and the latest trunk for SearchHandler, so should be fine on other trunks, but I've only tested with the 1.4 release code base.


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