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DIH $skipDoc issue



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      I'm using the version 1.4.0 of Solr and I'm having some trouble with the DIH when I use the special command $skipDoc.

      After skipping a document to insert, the next one is not inserted in the proper way.

      My DIH configuration is quite complex so I'll try to explain myself with a simpler example:

      item table:
      id name
      1 aaa
      2 bbb

      feature table:
      Item_id hidden
      1 true
      2 false

      DIH conf:

      <document name="products">
      <entity name="item" query="select * from item">
      <field column="ID" name="id" />
      <field column="NAME" name="name" />

      <entity name="feature" query="select hidden from feature where item_id='${item.ID}'">
      <field name="$skipDoc" column="hidden" />

      The result I expected is that the record named "bbb" would be imported, but the result of my import case is that the other record (the "aaa") has been inserted.

      I took a look to the DIH code and I found a possible problem that could cause this result.
      In the DocBuilder class when a $skipDoc is detected, an exception is raised. After handling the exception another loop starts, without cleaning up the doc variable.
      When the next record is read, the addFieldToDoc method can't fill the doc fields because they are already filled.

      To solve this problem I just clean up the doc variable when handling the exception.


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