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Real Basic Core Management with Zookeeper


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4
    • Fix Version/s: 4.9, Trunk
    • Component/s: multicore
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      Though we're implementing cloud, I need something real soon I can
      play with and deploy. So this'll be a patch that only deploys
      new cores, and that's about it. The arch is real simple:

      On Zookeeper there'll be a directory that contains files that
      represent the state of the cores of a given set of servers which
      will look like the following:

      /production/core-host-1-actual.txt (ephemeral node per host)

      Where each core-N.txt file contains:


      coredownloadpath is a URL such as file://, http://, hftp://, hdfs://, ftp://, etc


      core-host-actual.txt contains:


      Everytime a new core-N.txt file is added, the listening host
      finds it's entry in the list and begins the process of trying to
      match the entries. Upon completion, it updates it's
      /core-host-1-actual.txt file to it's completed state or logs an error.

      When all host actual files are written (without errors), then a
      new core-1-actual.txt file is written which can be picked up by
      another process that can create a new core proxy.

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