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Cosmetic improvements and migration to JAX-RS (collection, collection prop, core CRUD APIs)



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      As mentioned on SOLR-15781, the v2 API currently has an experimental designation, and the community has expressed an interest in using this period to update our v2 endpoints to be more REST-ful and consistent.  The current plan is to follow the specific changes laid out in this spreadsheet, though of course nothing there is set in stone and there are still warts to be worked out.

      While we're touching the code for these endpoints, we should also convert them to JAX-RS framework definitions. (This was initially tracked as a separate effort - see SOLR-16370 - but the edit that were required ended up overlapping so significantly with the "cosmetic" improvements here that in practice it almost always makes sense to do the two together.)

      This ticket plans to tackle making the changes required for Solr's collection and collection-prop CRUD APIs, as well as its collection-status APIs. These are described in detail in the spreadsheet linked above, but are summarized in the tables below for convenience and ease of tracking progress.

      JAX-RS Conversion and Cosmetic Changes

      API Name Original Form Desired Form Status Volunteer
      Create Collection POST /api/collections {create: {...}} POST /api/collections {...} Open Jason
      Get Collection Details N/A GET /api/collections/collName?details=specificFlags Open N/A
      Create Core POST /api/cores {"create": {...}} POST /api/cores {...} Open N/A
      Collection Ping/Healthcheck GET /api/collections/collName/admin/ping GET /api/collections/collName/health Open N/A
      Is Collection Healthcheck Enabled GET /api/collections/collName/admin/ping?action=STATUS GET /api/collections/collName/health/status Open N/A
      Enable/Disable Collection Healthcheck GET /api/collections/collName/admin/ping?action=enable|disable PUT /api/collections/collName/health/status {"enabled": true|false} Open N/A
      Delete Collections DELETE /api/collections/collName DELETE /api/collections/collName Finished Jason
      Set Collection Property POST /api/collections/collName {set-collection-property: {...}} PUT /api/collections/collName/properties/propName {"value": "someVal"} Finished Jason
      Delete Collection Property POST /api/collections/collName {set-collection-property: {...}} DELETE /api/collections/collName/properties/propName Finished Jason

      JAX-RS Conversion Only

      API Name Endpoint Status Volunteer
      List Collections GET /api/collections Finished Jason


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