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JSON Facet Stats methods include docs with no field value when using nested function



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    • 8.11.1
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    • Facet Module
    • Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-184-generic x86_64)

      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_211-b12)


      I’m noticing some unexpected and undesirable behavior when using JSON Facet API with Stats functions when using nested functions.  Below is an example which hopefully helps illustrate the behavior I’m seeing.


      I have a JSON Facet string of the following:

         "grp_0": {
            "field": "ssnm",
            "limit": -1,
            "type": "terms",
            "mincount": 1,
            "refine": true,
            "sort": {"index": "asc"},
            "facet": {
               "avg_TotalCpuUsec": "avg(TotalCpuUsec)",
               "avg_sqrt_TotalCpuUsec": "avg(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec))",
               "count_TotalCpuUsec": "countvals(TotalCpuUsec)",
               "count_sqrt_TotalCpuUsec": "countvals(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec))",
               "sum_TotalCpuUsec": "sum(TotalCpuUsec)",
               "sum_sqrt_TotalCpuUsec": "sum(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec))"


      And an example of one of the buckets returned is:

      } ]}}}


      Notice that there are 6 documents in the bucket, but only 4 of them have the field “TotalCpuUsec”, which is reflected in value for countvals(TotalCpuUsec).  My issue is with the calculation of avg(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec)).  The calculation of avg(TotalCpuUsec) is correct, equaling sum(TotalCpuUsec) / 4.  However, the value of avg(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec)) equals sum(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec)) / 6.  I think it should have been divided by 4, since only 4 documents have a value for this field.  It appears that sqrt(TotalCpuUsec) is returning 0.0 for documents that don’t have the field, so this 0.0 for the 2 documents is factoring into the avg calculation, which seems to be reflected by the value of countvals(sqrt(TotalCpuUsec)), which is 6.

      This seems like a bug, but wanted to reach out to see if this is “working as expected” and if there are some facet attributes that can be set to work around this.




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