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DOWN replica causes missing data on Cloud>Nodes admin ui screen for unrelated nodes



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    • 8.11.2, 9.1
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      If a node is /live_nodes, but a replica hosted on that node is DOWN ( or missing from the Metrics API response section for that node for any other reason) this breaks a brittle assumption in the cloud.js logic that generates the data structure used to power the /solr/#/~cloud?view=nodes

      The current assumption is that any replica found in the CLUSTERSTATUS response, hosted on a live_node, will be found in the Metrics API response – when this is not true, the javascript throws a TypeError while looping over the metrics API response, leaving the datastructure it was building incomplete.

      This means that, depending on where in the (effectively) random order that the metrics API returns node details, all or some of the nodes visible on the resulting admin UI screen will be missing data from the metrics API (most notably in the Disk Usage column) depending on whether they came "after" the node hosting the problematic replica.

      There is nothing obvious in the UI to indicate that a particular node/replica is having a problem – making it particularly hard to identify why columns like Disk Usage are "blank"


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