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Add handler to dump filter cache



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      It would be very helpful to be able to inspect the contents of the filterCache.

      I'd like to be able to query something like


      nentries would be allowed to be -1 to get everything.

      It would be nice to see these data items for each entry. I don't know which are available, but I'm thinking blue sky here:

      • cache key, exactly as stored
      • Timestamp when the entry was inserted
      • Whether the insertion of the entry evicted another entry, and if so which one
      • Timestamp of when this entry was last hit
      • Number of hits on this entry forever
      • Number of hits on this entry over some time period
      • Number of documents matched by the filter
      • Number of bytes of memory used by the filter

      These are the sorts of questions I'd like to be able answer:

      • "I just did a query that I expect will have added a cache entry. Did it?"
      • "Are my queries hitting existing cache entries?"
      • "How big should I set my filterCache size? Should I limit it by number of entries or RAM usage?"
      • "Which of my FQs are getting used the most? These are the ones I want in my firstSearcher queries." (I currently determine this by processing my old solr logs)
      • "Which filters give me the most bang for the buck in terms of RAM usage?"
      • "I have filter X and filter Y, but would it be beneficial if I made a filter X AND Y?"
      • "Which FQs are used more at certain times of the day? (Assuming I take regular snapshots throughout the day)"

      I imagine a response might look like:

        "responseHeader": {
          "status": 0,
          "QTime": 961
        "response": {
          "numFound": 12104,
          "filterCacheKeys": {
              "language:eng": {
                "inserted": "2021-12-04T07:34:16Z",
                "lastHit": "2021-12-04T18:17:43Z",
                "numHits": 15065,
                "numHitsInPastHour": 2319,
                "evictedKey": "agelevel:4 shippable:Y",
                "numRecordsMatchedByFilter": 24328753,
                "bytesUsed": 3041094
      {{        }}}
              "is_set:N": {
      {{        }}}
              "language:spa": {
      {{        }}}
      {{    }}}


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