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Timeout Issue with Solr Metrics API



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      Hi Team,

      We are facing a "Connection to Solr lost" error on the Solr admin page. While debugging, we found an issue with the admin/metrics API.

      Detail Analysis:
      We have around 200+ collections on a Solr cloud cluster which is having 4 Solr nodes among which 3 are zookeeper+Solr nodes. Whenever we try to hit the "cloud" page on the Solr admin UI it results in a "Connection to Solr lost" error within few seconds.

      When we tried to debug the same, we found Solr admin/metrics API that is called internally is taking 20K ms and leads to time out which results in Connection to Solr lost error. On the other hand, we tried to hit the same query separately on a browser which still takes 20K ms but we get a proper response.

      When the admin/metrics API call is happening from the admin console, the first call is taking a long time and finally fails to load the response. As a result, concurrent multiple calls were made for the same API and throws "Connection to Solr lost"

      We tried a few ways to disable this API call and to increase the timeout, but nothing works. 

      We could see the AdminHandlerProxy timeout warning in Solr logs. Attached the error msg from Solr logs. 


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          Dinesh Kumar

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