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Solr based enterprise level, one-stop search center products with high performance, high reliability and high scalability



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      I have developed an enterprise application based on Solr,named TIS . Use TIS can quickly build enterprise search service for you. TIS includes three components:

      • offline index building platform
        The data is exported from ER database( mysql, sqlserver and so on) through full table scanning, and then the wide table is constructed by local MR tool, or the wide table is constructed directly by spark
      • incremental real-time channel
        It is transmitted to Kafka , and real-time stream calculation is carried out by Flink and submitted to search engine to ensure that the data in search engine and database are consistent in near real time
      • search engine
        currently,based on Solr8

      TIS integrate these components seamlessly and bring users one-stop, out of the box experience.

      My question

      I want to feed back my code to the community, but TIS focuses on Enterprise Application Search, just as elasitc search focuses on visual analysis of time series data. Because Solr is a general search product, I don't think TIS can be merged directly into Solr. Is it possible for TIS to be a new incubation project under Apache?

      TIS main Features

      • The schema and solrconfig storage are separated from ZK and stored in MySQL. The version management function is provided. Users can roll back to the historical version of the configuration.

      Schema editing mode can be switched between visual editing mode or advanced expert mode

      • Define wide table rules based on the selected data table
      • The offline index building component is provided. Outside the collection, the data is built into Lucene segment file. Then, the segment file is returned to the local disk where solrcore is located. The new index of reload solrcore takes effect


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