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Allow UpdateRequestProcessors to add non-error messages to the response



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      There are many reasons why a UpdateRequestProcessor would want to send a response back to the user:

      • Informing the user on the results when they use schema-guessing mode (SOLR-14701)
      • Building a new Processor that uses the lucene monitor library to alert on incoming documents that match saved queries
      • The Language detection URPs could respond with the languages selected for each document.

      Currently URPs can be passed in the Response object via the URPFactory that creates it. However, whenever the URP is placed in the chain after the DistributedURP, the response that it sends back will be dismissed by the DURP and not merged and sent back to the user.

      The bulk of the logic here would be to add logic in the DURP to accept custom messages in the responses of the updates it sends, and then merge those into an overall response to send to the user. Each URP could be responsible for merging its section of responses, because that will likely contain business logic for the URP that the DURP is not aware of.


      The SolrJ classes would also need updates to give the user an easy way to read response messages.




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