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Make child/parent query parsers natively aware of _nest_path_



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      A long standing pain point of the parent/child QParsers is the "all parents" bitmask/filter specified via the "which" and "of" params (respectively).

      This is particularly tricky/painful to "get right" when dealing with multi-level nested documents...

      ...and it's really hard to get right when the nested structure isn't 100% consistent among all docs:

      • collections that mix docs w/o children and docs that have children.
        • Ex: blog posts, some of which have child docs that are "comments", but some don't
      • when some "types" of documents can exist at multiple levels:
        • Ex: top level "product" documents, which may have 2 types of children: "skus" and "manuals", but "skus" may also have their own wku-specific child "manuals"

      BUT! ... now that we have some semi-native support for the nest_path field, i think it may be possible to offer an "easier to use" variant syntax of the parent/child QParsers that directly depends on these fields. This new syntax should be optional – and purely syntactic sugar. "expert" users should be able to do all the same things using the existing syntax (possibly more efficiently depending on what invarients exist in their data model)


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