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Eliminate 'Port Roulette' in Solr Testing



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      Although our testing is generally pretty good about not having hard coded ports, we still have some places in our code where we can encounter "port roulette" bugs – expecting that a particular network port will be available to use to Bind to at some point in the test.

      But instead of classic port bugs – basing that assumption off of hardcoded ports – the problematic portions of our test code expect that since a port was available to us previously (via code asking the OS to assign a port by binding to '0') it will still be available to us later even if we release it. But there is no guarantee the OS won't have already re-allocated that port to a different process/purpose.

      I'm creating this issue to serve as a parent for Sub-Tasks targeting the specific instances where this problematic practice comes up. Some of these can be solved easily, others may be more challenging.

      This issue can also serve as a reference point for citating/linking from other jiras, in case there is any general discussion/concern about the overall problem, or in case new instances are discovered later.




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