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JWTAuthPlugin calls authenticationFailure (which calls HttpServletResponsesendError) before updating metrics - breaks tests



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      The way JWTAuthPlugin is currently implemented, any failures are sent to the remote client (via authenticationFailure(...) which calls HttpServletResponsesendError(...)) before JWTAuthPlugin.doAuthenticate(...) has a chance to update it's metrics (like numErrors and numWrongCredentials)

      This causes a race condition in tests where test threads can:

      • see an error response/Exception before the server thread has updated metrics (like numErrors and numWrongCredentials)
      • call white box methods like SolrCloudAuthTestCase.assertAuthMetricsMinimums(...) to assert expected metrics

      ...all before the server thread has ever gotten around to being able to update the metrics in question.

      SolrCloudAuthTestCase.assertAuthMetricsMinimums(...) currently has some "First metrics count assert failed, pausing 2s before re-attempt" evidently to try and work around this bug, but it's still no garuntee that the server thread will be scheduled before the retry happens.

      We can/should just fix JWTAuthPlugin to ensure the metrics are updated before authenticationFailure(...) is called, and then remove the "pausing 2s before re-attempt" logic from SolrCloudAuthTestCase - between this bug fix, and the existing work around for SOLR-13464, there should be absolutely no reason to "retry" reading hte metrics.

      (NOTE: BasicAuthPlugin has a similar authenticationFailure(...) method that also calls HttpServletResponse.sendError(...) - but it already (correctly) updates the error/failure metrics before calling that method.


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