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Split Ref Guide Collections API page into several sub-pages



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      The Collections API page in the Ref Guide has become the de-facto place where information about how to work with Solr collections is stored, but it is so huge with API examples that information gets lost.

      I did some work a couple months ago to split this up, and came up with this approach to splitting up the content:

      • Cluster and Node Management: Define properties for the entire cluster; check the status of a cluster; remove replicas from a node; utilize a newly added node; add or remove roles for a node.
      • Collection Management: Create, list, reload and delete collections; set collection properties; migrate documents to another collection; rebalance leaders; backup and restore collections.
      • Collection Aliasing: Create, list or delete collection aliases; set alias properties.
      • Shard Management: Create and delete a shard; split a shard into two or more additional shards; force a shard leader.
      • Replica Management: Add or delete a replica; set replica properties; move a replica to a different node.

      My existing local WIP leaves info on Async commands on the main collections-api.adoc page, but creates new pages for each of the bullets mentioned above, and moves the related API calls to those pages. Each topic will be smaller and easier for us to manage on an ongoing basis.

      Since I did the work a while ago, I need to bring it up to date with master, so a patch & a branch with this work will be forthcoming shortly.


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