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CDCR bootstrap does not replicate index to the replicas of target cluster



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 7.5, 7.6
    • 8.3, 9.0
    • CDCR
    • None
    • This is system independent problem - exists on windows and linux - reproduced by independent developers


      i have encountered some problems with CDCR that are related to the value of replicationFactor param.

      I ran the solr cloud on two datacenters with 2 nodes on each:

      • dca:
        • dca_node_1
        • dca_node_2
      • dcb
        • dcb_node_1
        • dcb_node_2

      Then in sequence:

      • I configured the CDCR on copy of _default config set named _default_cdcr
      • I created collection "customer" on both DC from _default_cdcr config set with the following parameters:
        • numShards = 2
        • maxShardsPerNode = 2
        • replicationFactor = 2
      • I disabled cdcr buffer on collections
      • I ran CDCR on both DC

      CDCR has started without errors in logs. During indexation I have encountered problem type 2 - only few documents were being replicated.txt, restart didn't help (documents has not been synchronized between DC )


      • I stopped CDCR on both DC
      • I stopped all solr nodes
      • I restarted zookeepers on both DC
      • I started all solr nodes one by one
      • few minutes later I stared CDCR on both DC
      • CDCR has starded with errors (replication between DC is not working) - type 1 - replication wasnt working at all.txt

      I've also discovered that problems appears only in case, when the replicationFactor parameter is higher than one


        1. SOLR-13141.patch
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          Shalin Shekhar Mangar
        2. SOLR-13141.patch
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          Shalin Shekhar Mangar
        3. type 2 - only few documents were being replicated.txt
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          Krzysztof Watral
        4. type 1 - replication wasnt working at all.txt
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          Krzysztof Watral

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