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Support for large no:of cores and faster loading/unloading of cores



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      Solr , currently ,is not very suitable for a large no:of homogeneous cores where you require fast/frequent loading/unloading of cores . usually a core is required to be loaded just to fire a search query or to just index one document
      The requirements of such a system are.

      • Very efficient loading of cores . Solr cannot afford to read and parse and create Schema, SolrConfig Objects for each core each time the core has to be loaded ( SOLR-919 , SOLR-920)
      • START STOP core . Currently it is only possible to unload a core (SOLR-880)
      • Automatic loading of cores . If a core is present and it is not loaded and a request comes for that load it automatically before serving up a request
      • As there are a large no:of cores , all the cores cannot be kept loaded always. There has to be an upper limit beyond which we need to unload a few cores (probably the least recently used ones)
      • Automatic allotment of dataDir for cores. If the no:of cores is too high al the cores' dataDirs cannot live in the same dir. There is an upper limit on the no:of dirs you can create in a unix dir w/o affecting performance


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