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Deleting replicas sometimes fails and causes the replicas to exist in the down state



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      Sometimes when deleting replicas, the replica fails to be removed from the cluster state. This occurs especially when deleting replicas en mass; the resulting cause is that the data is deleted but the replicas aren't removed from the cluster state. Attempting to delete the downed replicas causes failures because the core does not exist anymore.

      This also occurs when trying to move replicas, since that move is an add and delete.

      Some more information regarding this issue; when the MOVEREPLICA command is issued, the new replica is created successfully but the replica to be deleted fails to be removed from state.json (the core is deleted though) and we see two logs spammed.

      1. The node containing the leader replica continually (read every second) attempts to initiate recovery on the replica and fails to do so because the core does not exist. As a result it continually publishes a down state for the replica to zookeeper.
      2. The deleted replica node spams that it cannot locate the core because it's been deleted.

      During this period of time, we see an increase in ZK network connectivity overall, until the replica is finally deleted (spamming DELETEREPLICA on the shard until its removed from the state)

      My guess is there's two issues at hand here:

      1. The leader continually attempts to recover a downed replica that is unrecoverable because the core does not exist.
      2. The replica to be deleted is having trouble being deleted from state.json in ZK.

      This is mostly consistent for my use case. I'm running 7.2.1 with 66 nodes.


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