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CDCR does not replicate to Collections with TLOG Replicas



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      We created a collection using TLOG replicas in our QA clouds.
      We have a locally hosted solrcloud with 2 nodes, all our collections have 2 shards. We use CDCR to replicate the collections from this environment to 2 data centers hosted in Google cloud. This seems to work fairly well for our collections with NRT replicas. However the new TLOG collection has problems.
      The google cloud solrclusters have 4 nodes each (3 separate Zookeepers). 2 shards per collection with 2 replicas per shard.
      We never see data show up in the cloud collections, but we do see tlog files show up on the cloud servers. I can see that all of the servers have cdcr started, buffers are disabled.
      The cdcr source configuration is:

      {           "zkHost":"[xxx-mzk01.sial.com:2181|http://xxx-mzk01.sial.com:2181/],[xxx-mzk02.sial.com:2181|http://xxx-mzk02.sial.com:2181/],[xxx-mzk03.sial.com:2181/solr|http://xxx-mzk03.sial.com:2181/solr]",           "source":"b2b-catalog-material-180124T",           "target":"b2b-catalog-material-180124T"}


      {           "zkHost":"[yyyy-mzk01.sial.com:2181|http://yyyy-mzk01.sial.com:2181/],[yyyy-mzk02.sial.com:2181|http://yyyy-mzk02.sial.com:2181/],[yyyy-mzk03.sial.com:2181/solr|http://yyyy-mzk03.sial.com:2181/solr]",           "source":"b2b-catalog-material-180124T",           "target":"b2b-catalog-material-180124T"}


      {         "threadPoolSize":4,         "schedule":500,         "batchSize":250}

      The target configurations in the 2 clouds are the same:
      "requestHandler":{"/cdcr":{ "name":"/cdcr", "class":"solr.CdcrRequestHandler", "buffer":


      All of our collections have a timestamp field, index_date. In the source collection all the records have a date of 2/28/2018 but the target collections have a latest date of 1/26/2018
      I don't see cdcr errors in the logs, but we use logstash to search them, and we're still perfecting that. 
      We have a number of similar collections that behave correctly. This is the only collection that is a TLOG collection. It appears that CDCR doesn't support TLOG collections.
      It looks like the data is getting to the target servers. I see tlog files with the right timestamps. Looking at the timestamps on the documents in the collection none of the data appears to have been loaded.In the solr.log I see lots of /cdcr messages  action=LASTPROCESSEDVERSION,  action=COLLECTIONCHECKPOINT, and  action=SHARDCHECKPOINT 
      no errors
      Target collections autoCommit is set to  60000 I tried sending a commit explicitly no difference. cdcr is uploading data, but no new data appears in the collection.


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