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Ref Guide: Comment system is offline



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      The Ref Guide uses comments.apache.org to allow user comments. Sometime in December/early January, it was taken offline.

      I filed INFRA-15947 to ask after it's long-term status, and recently got an answer that it an ETA is mid-March for a permanent INFRA-hosted system. However, it's of course possible changes in priorities or other factors will delay that timeline.

      Every Ref Guide page currently invites users to leave comments, but since the whole Comments area is pulled in via JavaScript from a non-existent server, there's no space to do so (see attached screenshot). While we wait for the permanent server to be online, we have a couple of options:

      1. Leave it the way it is and hopefully by mid-March it will be back
      2. Change the text to tell users it's not working temporarily on all published versions
      3. Remove it from all the published versions and put it back when it's back

      I'm not a great fan of #2 or #3, because it'd be a bit of work for me to backport changes to 4 branches and republish every guide just to fix it again in a month or so. I'm fine with option #1 since I've known about it for about a month at least and as far as I can tell no one else has noticed. But if people feel strongly about it now that they know about it, we can figure something out.

      If for some reason it takes longer than mid-March to get it back, or INFRA chooses to stop supporting it entirely, this issue can morph into what we should do for an alternative permanent solution.


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